Contact Center Compliance

Pelorus Is Your Go-To Source For Contact Center Compliance

Contact center management needs guidance on the complex web of state, federal, and international laws and regulations that can directly impact their operations. For over a decade Pelorus Associates has been the go-to resource for white papers, manuals, e-books, and blog posts on contact center compliance. We cut through the legalistic haze and concisely explain the stuff you really need to know.

Businesses have been fined millions of dollars for violations that occurred in their contact centers.


4 Reasons Why Contact Centers Can Be Unwitting Violators Of Relevant Laws Regulations

  1. Primary point of contact- The sheer volume of interactions coupled with the high turnover of agent staff produces a reasonable likelihood that someone at some time is going to make a mistake.
  2. Agents and supervisors are not well-versed on regulations – Contact centers conduct extensive training on call control, courtesy, problem-solving, and salesmanship but do not always pay sufficient attention to fundamental legal obligations.
  3. Pressures to meet KPIs and sales goals – Today customer service representatives have multiple and sometimes conflicting objectives and measurement metrics. This can lead to errors and omission0s, particularly in privacy requirements and up selling.
  4. Ardent desire to please the customer – An important metric of customer satisfaction is first call resolution. This can lead to temptations to make unauthorized commitments or shortcut detailed mandatory disclosures for the sake of pleasing the customer and getting a favorable post-call satisfaction review.

Examples of Pelorus Compliance Documents

White Papers
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  • GDPR One Year Later – Where do we Go from Here?

Legal and Regulatory Impacts of the Coronavirus on the Contact Center

Articles/Blog posts
  • Compliance Vulnerabilities in the Contact Center
  • Voice Biometrics: The Perfect Answer for Unobtrusive and Accurate Authentication
  • Consumers Demand More Data Privacy Protections—California Responds
  • Now That CCPA Is in Effect, Are You Ready?