Catalog Of Reports

2020 World Workforce Management Systems Market  – $3895
Covers significant trends, market drivers, market constraints, market shares, and forecasts. All Pelorus reports include highly detailed profiles of market participants. Based on extensive secondary research and interviews with industry executives. 118 pages and 53 tables.
Profiles of Leading Workforce Management Software Vendors  – $495
This report is comprised of In-depth reviews of the following WFM vendors; Aspect Software, Calabrio, Genesys, InVision, NICE Systems, Pipkins, Verint Systems, and CommunityWFM. Also includes a synopsis and comparison of all vendors. Each profile discusses vendor background, strategies, WFM product details, and significant differentiators. Current as of June 2020. 48 pages and 5 tables.
2018 World Workforce Management Systems Market  –  $1250
In this report we projected that the global demand for contact center and back office WFM solutions would reach $842 million by 2023. The growth rate was traced to several factors including technology advances, rising labor costs, expansion of the gig economy, and demands to accommodate work-life balance. The most important driving force is growing maturity and preference for the cloud model. Based on extensive secondary research and interviews with industry executives. Published September 2018. 129 pages and 59 tables.
Understanding the Global Market for Workforce Optimization Systems  –  $750
This report addresses the aggregate market for workforce optimization applications which are defined to include interaction recording, quality management, workforce management, performance management, voice the customer surveys, and speech analytics. The report is based on extensive research of secondary information and direct interviews with leading industry executives. Published December 2018. 129 pages and 60 table.

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