About Pelorus Reports

Dick Bucci, Founder and Chief Analyst

Dick is a 35-year veteran of the telecommunications industry. His experience includes executive level positions in sales, marketing, public relations, and investor relations with leading telecommunications product vendors and value-added resellers. Dick’s market research and consulting career began in 2001 with Frost and Sullivan. In 2004 he formed Pelorus Associates, a consultancy that has provided market research reports, custom consulting, white papers, and public relations services to over 30 companies based in five countries.

Recently, Dick was placed on  2020 Contact Center Pipeline’s Wall of Fame  –  SEE ARTICLE
and he was also elected to the newly formed Contact Center Pipeline Advisory Board – SEE ARTICLE

Areas of Expertise

The company’s primary focus is on the contact center and public safety communications sectors. Specific solutions and technologies covered in our research and white papers include

Recognition and Awards

Dick has authored 18 comprehensive market research reports on contact center applications, two books on best practices, and over 100 articles and blog posts.

Working Together

We Deal Directly

Our clients account for over 90% of the contact center workforce optimization market. A big advantage of working with Pelorus Associates is that you work directly with the individual charged with carrying out your assignment. There are no salespeople or other intermediaries that can slow the process or create confusion.


All of our projects are conducted in complete confidentiality. We will be happy to sign your nondisclosure agreement, but beyond legalities, it is simply a matter of trust. Honesty, integrity, knowledge, competence, and professionalism are all we have to sell. You can trust us.

We Save You Time

You will not need to spend valuable time explaining the details of contact center operations. We know the market, the products, and the technologies. No need to begin at the beginning.  Leave all of the work to us.

The Process

The first step is an in-depth discussion that explores your communications goals, market strategy, competitive advantages, resources, and timing requirements. This is typically conducted by telephone, but we may also call on you personally, especially if you are a new client. We want to get to know you and want you to know us.

Next, we’ll prepare an in-depth proposal. This document typically runs 4 to 7 pages and covers every aspect of our engagement, including a situation analysis and an outline of what will be included in our white paper or consulting engagement. This proposal forms the blueprint of our engagement.

After you accept our proposal we go off and conduct your project. We’ll contact you when it’s complete or if we run into an unanticipated issue or you wish interim status reports.

Costs and Timing

The actual cost of an engagement depends on many factors, but a useful rule of thumb is approximately $1.00 per word. The completion cycle from date of authorization is typically 3-5 weeks but may be longer depending on the nature of the engagement.