• Founded in 1924
  • 6 000 employees across 29 countries
  • $1.4 billion revenue in 2021
  • Headquarters: Paris, France
  • URL:  quadient.com

Did you know?

Companies lose 20 to 30% of revenue every year due to inefficiencies
Productivity could increase up to 25% by reducing idle or nonproductive time in the back-office
20% of customer inquiries regarding service issues require a follow-up contact



Quadient is a global leader in the document management industry. The company’s technology speeds and simplifies internal processes, ensuring that essential information gets to the right people at the right time and with intelligent integration.

Quadient solutions target the fulfillment phase of the customer journey. The company recognizes that the quality of the customer experience is determined more by results than processes. If the expensive gift arrives two days after the wedding no amount of charm, empathy, and make-goods will retain this customer. Timely delivery, ongoing communications, and follow-up are essential.

Quadient’s award-winning solution, Inspire, helps companies design, manage, and deliver personalized accurate and compliant communications across all channels from one centralized platform. In a simple sense, Inspire software makes sure that the right hand knows what the left hand is doing.

Pelorus contribution:  Quadient has a long and successful history with documentation-intensive industries such as insurance, government, and healthcare where its software solutions speed problem-solving, reduce errors, reduce labor costs, and help assure compliance. Quadient sees a significant opportunity to leverage its communications and processing skills to encompass all consumer touch points, including client contact centers which often have hundreds or even thousands of agents.

Pelorus Associates will support Quadient’s market efforts by sharing its expertise about the contact center industry and helping the company build awareness and demand in the North American contact center market .

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Dick Bucci – 2020 Contact Center Pipeline’s Wall of Fame and was recently elected to the newly formed Contact Center Pipeline Advisory Board

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  • Increased customer retention
  • Reduced compliance risks.
  • Increased employee productivity and efficiency
  • More cost-effective operations.

White Papers As Marketing Tools

A white paper can help to establish your company as an authority in its field and build a rapport with potential clients. Rather than trying to push a particular product or service, a white paper gives a balanced, academic view on a problem or topic while subtly suggesting that your business has expertise in this area.  Get Pelorus White Papers!



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The Full Story

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Identify Market Space

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Our reports offer comprehensive analysis of trends, developments, and market structure will be an invaluable resource for your business.