Playvox Client Spotlight
  • Improve efficiency by ditching the spreadsheets.
  • Automate your workflows, scheduling, and auditing through our simple yet powerful Workforce Engagement Management solutions.
  • Our software unlocks the potential in every employee and every interaction no matter where they are located.
  • Break down the access and equality barriers of the past.
  • Build an environment where the right people with the right training are available and ready to provide the ultimate customer experience (CX).



Our newest client Playvox, based in Sunnyvale California (Silicon Valley), is a fast-growing a software company that has produced a complete suite of (WFO) solutions. They offer quality and workforce management solutions that transform customer service. Playvox is the leader of a new category of WFO providers. Built from the ground up for omnichannel contact centers, Playvox WFM helps you improve your service levels and reduce staffing costs while simplifying forecasting, scheduling, and reporting. We call this “next generation vendors”. All of their software is cloud-based. Traditional vendors such as NICE and Verint have thousands of customers with premise-based products. This limits their ability to innovate and they must continue to support older technology products. Playvox doesn’t have that limitation. There are about 20 companies which fall into this NexGen classification. Most are very small. Learn more at

Pelorus contribution: Pelorus Associates has been retained to support Playvox with ongoing market analysis.
Pelorus Associates is your go-to consultant for white papers and research on compliance issues as they affect the contact center.  We have published numerous white papers, articles, and blog posts on the subject of compliance and have gained recognition for this expertise. Please CONTACT US for consultant services or research. View our current papers HERE.

Dick Bucci – 2020 Contact Center Pipeline’s Wall of Fame and was recently elected to the newly formed Contact Center Pipeline Advisory Board

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Four Ways To Cut Costs In The Contact Center

Understanding the
Global Market for
Workforce Management Solutions

Pelorus Associates provides our audience with quality, engaging workforce management content that supports them in growing themselves and their organizations. Our latest comprehensive analysis of trends, developments, and market Structure will be an invaluable resource for your business.


  • Increased customer retention
  • Reduced compliance risks.
  • Increased employee productivity and efficiency
  • More cost-effective operations.

White Papers As Marketing Tools

A white paper can help to establish your company as an authority in its field and build a rapport with potential clients. Rather than trying to push a particular product or service, a white paper gives a balanced, academic view on a problem or topic while subtly suggesting that your business has expertise in this area.  Get Pelorus White Papers!



White papers crafted by a recognized industry authority build stature for your company and a reputation for thought leadership. White papers are especially valuable for young companies with limited budgets that need to quickly establish visibility and build credibility.


The Full Story

Unlike print and electronic media, white papers are not pressed for space, white papers can present the story behind the solutions and research can be told. They have the space to use case studies, expert quotations, research statistics, and other tools to drive home the point.

Staying Power

Well crafted white papers have staying power– you can still collect leads long after the paper was initially published. Many businesses who purchase Pelorus Reports continue to generate leads from their downloads years after their paper was initially published..

Sharing Success

White papers allow businesses to demonstrate their success with other companies in a very distinct way.  Businesses can use a well-written paper to build their brand and confirm that they have the knowledge and expertise to go the distance.

Identify Market Space

Although a White Paper gives insight into a product or service it can also be used as a prominent way to establish your current place in the market or even redefine a place in the market and instantly give you an edge on the competition!

Digital Dynamism

Not just a way to produce static print content, producing a digital White Paper means you can showcase your dynamic business by including engaging graphs, video clips and links to websites offering the audience a more immersive experience.

Our current reports

Our reports offer comprehensive analysis of trends, developments, and market structure will be an invaluable resource for your business.